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<font size="8">BLACK is here!</font>

BLACK is here!

We know that although we love the orange... Not everyone feels the same.

Black is now in-stock and ready to ship.

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Funny Name - Serious Results

Here at Lock Jawz, we are the guys thinking differently about the livestock electric fencing insulator industry!

It all started a few summers ago building fences on our property.  The products available from the local retailer were limited to say the least.  

"They were either too tight or too loose, and the ones that did fit, broke easily or were missing pins."

After an entire summer of frustration, we decided to redesign the insulator from the ground up, and the T-360 is the result.  It was specifically designed for use with ALL 1.25/1.33 lb standard t-posts.  With its 360° mounting options and ability to make tight 180° turns working as well in-line as it does as a corner insulator, your imagination is the only limit when designing your fields.  

We built the tools needed for manufacturing and brought them to Southern Indiana were we have begun injection molding. We are in-stock and fulfilling orders as of June 2017.  Order today and make sure you are ready for the fence building season.  

The LockJawz T-360 will be the last T-Post insulator you will ever need.

Patent Pending


Why the name LockJawz?

Once the design was finished, and the product proved to hold securely to the t-post without fail.

LockJawz seemed the only logical name and they bite down and just will not let go.

Can they be used on wooded posts?


One of the main reasons we developed the T-360 is because the insulators on the market were trying to be a jack of all trades so to speak. The problem is that they were a master of none. Yes, those insulators can nail to a wooded post and clip to a t-post, but how many "ears" have you knocked off while trying to mount one to a post and how many loose insulators have fallen off your t-posts after a couple weeks?

The T-360 was designed from the ground up to "Master" the insulator for all standard T-posts.

Pardon the pun, but I think we Nailed it!

Do I have to use wooded corner posts?


The T-360 allows you to use T-posts for the corners because the insulator wraps 180° around the post while retaining its insulating properties.

You will need to angle brace your corner posts, the the cost and time savings alone not having to install a wooden corner post is worth it.