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  • T-Post Vinyl Safety Cap 2927-25

    Dare Products, Inc. T-Post Vinyl Safety Cap 2927-25

    Universal T-Post Vinyl Safety Cap Provides attractive top to T-Post fence line while protecting horses & livestock from jagged tops! Fits all t-posts Covers sharp jagged tops of t-post Protect valuable livestock & humans For farm, home, or commercial use Pliable vinyl with UV protection 25 to pkg Color: White or No Trespassing Purple  Made in the USA

    $14.99 - $16.00

  • HD-360 Black

    Lock Jawz LLC HD-360 Black

    The evolution of the Original LockJawz Insulator for more versatility can be used with T-post and also Wood Post. Thicker and wider 1" vs 5/8ths has a heavier grab. Fits all standard t-posts (1.25-1.33 lb) 6 position 360° mounting options In-Line as well as T-Post corner insulator. Use on wooden post with 2.5" Barbed Staples/U-nails. Staples sold separately. Easy "Weave-In" wire installation 1/4 material  Poly Rope Poly Wire Steel / Aluminum Wire Barbed Wire (Single and dual strand) Intuitive 1-piece design with - No Pins to Lose  Increased ARC Guards Added wire tie cinching (wire-tie/zip-tie not included) to   Packed 20 per bag Need Bulk? Color: Black or High Viability Orange Molded from UV-stabilized, Automotive Grade high-density co-polyethylene Made in the USA  (Pat. No.: 10,358,840)

    $11.99 - $499.99

  • Wire Tensioner/Strainer #1703-C

    Dare Products, Inc. Wire Tensioner/Strainer #1703-C

    WIRE STRAINER/TIGHTENERTighten with 9/16” crescent or open end wrench.EM NO. 1703C 


  • Wire Puller (Chain Grab Pull & Tighten) #2456

    Dare Products, Inc. Wire Puller (Chain Grab Pull & Tighten) #2456

    Specifications Use to stretch and splice fence wire Smooth jaws for minimal wire marking For smooth, barbed and high tensile fence wire For the professional installer For repairs and new installation Chain Length: 6 ft. Load Capacity: 770 lb. Material: Steel


  • Tension Measuring Spring #1713

    Dare Products, Inc. Tension Measuring Spring #1713

    TENSION MEASURING SPRING Install in each fence line together with strainer.Necessary to keep wires taut during temperature changes. Use to determine tension on wires. All parts are hot dip galvanized and exceed type III specifications.


  • Electric Rope Clamp #3098-2 N

    Dare Products, Inc. Electric Rope Clamp #3098-2 N

    Electric Rope Clamp Used to splice or end poly rope. Fits rope 1/4" to 5/16" Ensures solid connections between fence line(s) and energizer Strong line and end splices Rope collars included for easy installation 4 per pkg


    Dare Products, Inc. HIGH TENSILE FENCING SPLICING 25pk DP 1-2/25

      HIGH TENSILE FENCING SPLICING 25pk Use to splice 14 1/2 & 15 1/2 gauge smooth wire. (.080" - .067"). 25 to counter pkg


  • Jake's Wire Tighteners 1/4 Inch (20pk)

    Jakes Wire Tighenners Jake's Wire Tighteners 1/4 Inch (20pk)

    Jake's Wire Tighteners are a reusable, effective, and easy solution for tightening wire. These clips work on 1/4" diameter wire (see the heavy duty clips for 5/16" diameter wire)  Simple Application: just insert and wind Less cost than a crimp sleeve and tool and is reusable Quick and easy to use Requires Jake's Wire Tightener Handle to install 20 clips per bag


  • Wire Cutter #2290

    Dare Products, Inc. Wire Cutter #2290

    WIRE CUTTER Specially hardened jaws designed to cut 121/2 ga. high tensile wire. Pocket size - 9” overall length.

  • Jake's Wire Tightener Handle

    Jakes Wire Tighenners Jake's Wire Tightener Handle

    Made in the USA. This handle twists both regular and heavy-duty Jake's Clips to apply tension and take up slack in loose or mended wire. Sinply insert the tab into the Jake's Clip and use both hands to rotate. The clip will take up slack and tighten the wire. 


  • Splicing Sleeve 12 gauge 25pk #DP 2-3/25

    Dare Products, Inc. Splicing Sleeve 12 gauge 25pk #DP 2-3/25

    Wire connectors used to lap splice 2 wires. The sleeves are designed to speed and improve installation and repair of all common sizes of barb, woven and smooth fence wire. Dare splicing sleeves equal and often exceed the breaking strength of the original wire. They are the only style recommended by most manufacturers of high-tensile systems. Trouble-free connections can be made quickly and easily. No. DP 2-3/25: Use to splice 12-1/2- gauge smooth wire; 25 per bag


  • Sale -31% Enforcer DE 4000 - Reconditioned

    Dare Products, Inc. Enforcer DE 4000 - Reconditioned

    DARE Enforcer 10 Joule output ultra low impedance plug-in fence energizer controls up to 1,000 acres of overgrown fence. Out-performs 150 mile energizers. Recommended for use with cattle/cows, llamas, horses, deer, pigs and dogs.  Factory Reconditioned with 1 year warranty 120VDC/60Hz Economical operation reduces costs Controls mid to large sized and exotic animals Powers fence under all conditions All-weather construction for longer life Ships separately directly from Dare's factory in Michigan.


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