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  • LockJawz T-360 Electric Fence Insulators

    LockJawz T-360 Electric Fence Insulators

    Universal T-Post Electric Fence Insulator Designed from the ground up to be the last t-post insulator you will ever need! Fits all standard t-posts (1.25-1.33 lb) 6 position 360° mounting options In-Line as well as T-Post corner insulator Easy "Weave-In" wire installation Poly Rope Poly Wire Steel / Aluminum Wire Barbed Wire (Single and dual strand) Intuitive 1-piece design with - No Pins to Lose  Arc Resistant Design Packed 25 per bag Color: Pink (Custom colors only available in 25/pks) Molded from UV-stabilized, high-density polyethylene Made in the USA  (Pat. No.: 10,358,840)     

    $11.99 - $575.00

  • Sale -15% EXT 5.0 Extended Insulators (Introductory Price)

    Lock Jawz LLC EXT 5.0 Extended Insulators (Introductory Price)

    ALL NEW Approach to the Extended Insulator! The EXT 5.0 gives you two points of contact instead of one. With two points of contact attaching to the fence or panel there is more flexibility on contact. Since they attach to the fence they work for either side.  They are packaged 10 sets to a package. We produce them in Black Engineered Automotive Grade Co-poly with UV inhibitors.  Works with woven wire and livestock panel.   Introducing the LockJawz EXT 5.0: With its extended insulator design, the EXT 5.0 offers two points of contact for attaching to the fence or panel. This innovative feature provides unparalleled flexibility and ensures a secure connection every time. Whether you're working on a woven wire fence or a sturdy livestock panel, the EXT 5.0 is your go-to solution. What sets the Lock Jawz EXT 5.0 apart is its versatility. Unlike other insulators that are specific to one side of the fence, the EXT 5.0 can be effortlessly attached to either side. This means you no longer need to worry about stocking different insulators for different applications. Simplify your inventory and streamline your fencing projects with the EXT 5.0. When it comes to durability, the Lock Jawz EXT 5.0 exceeds expectations. Each package contains 10 sets, ensuring you have an ample supply to complete your projects with ease. Our insulators are made from Black Engineered Automotive Grade Co-poly, a high-quality material renowned for its strength and longevity. Additionally, UV inhibitors are integrated into the design, offering protection against the sun's harmful rays, so you can rely on the EXT 5.0 to withstand the test of time. The Lock Jawz EXT 5.0 is not just an insulator; it's a game-changer in the world of fencing. Say goodbye to the frustrations of traditional single-point insulators and embrace the convenience and reliability of our cutting-edge design. Take your fencing projects to new heights of efficiency and productivity with the Lock Jawz EXT 5.0. Don't miss out on this incredible innovation. Order your Lock Jawz EXT 5.0 today and experience the future of fence attachment!

    $16.50 - $450.00

  • Jake's Wire Tighteners 1/4 Inch (20pk)

    Jakes Wire Tighenners Jake's Wire Tighteners 1/4 Inch (20pk)

    Jake's Wire Tighteners are a reusable, effective, and easy solution for tightening wire. These clips work on 1/4" diameter wire (see the heavy duty clips for 5/16" diameter wire)  Simple Application: just insert and wind Less cost than a crimp sleeve and tool and is reusable Quick and easy to use Requires Jake's Wire Tightener Handle to install 20 clips per bag


  • Jake's Wire Tightener Handle

    Jakes Wire Tighenners Jake's Wire Tightener Handle

    Made in the USA. This handle twists both regular and heavy-duty Jake's Clips to apply tension and take up slack in loose or mended wire. Sinply insert the tab into the Jake's Clip and use both hands to rotate. The clip will take up slack and tighten the wire. 


  • Sale -23% Sentry DS 400-R

    Dare Products, Inc. Sentry DS 400-R

    Dare DS 400 Sentry Battery Powered 1 Joule Fence Charger1 JOULE OUTPUT12 Volt.Controls up to 100 acres overgrown fence.Outperforms 25 mile energizers.Recommended use for cattle/cows, horses, deer, pigs and dogs Factory Reconditioned with 1 year warranty


  • Splicing Sleeve 12 gauge 25pk #DP 2-3/25

    Dare Products, Inc. Splicing Sleeve 12 gauge 25pk #DP 2-3/25

    Wire connectors used to lap splice 2 wires. The sleeves are designed to speed and improve installation and repair of all common sizes of barb, woven and smooth fence wire. Dare splicing sleeves equal and often exceed the breaking strength of the original wire. They are the only style recommended by most manufacturers of high-tensile systems. Trouble-free connections can be made quickly and easily. No. DP 2-3/25: Use to splice 12-1/2- gauge smooth wire; 25 per bag


  • Strainer w/ Porcelain Insulation End #1703-p

    Dare Products, Inc. Strainer w/ Porcelain Insulation End #1703-p

    Product Features:   Insulated wire strainer High strain with porcelain bullnose insulator built in Perfect for termination points Tighten with 9/16” open end wrench or Dare #1701 handle (sold separately)


  • Tape Slicing Buckle 2/pk #2880

    Dare Products, Inc. Tape Slicing Buckle 2/pk #2880

    Dare Products 2880 Splicing Tape Buckle, Splicing Tape Buckle, For 1-1/2" Tape, Use To Splice 2 Lengths Of Tape, Attach To Pinlock Insulator To Form Gate Anchor Or Tape End, Recommended For Use With Electric Fencing.


  • Tape Connector 2/PK #2743

    Dare Products, Inc. Tape Connector 2/PK #2743

    Product Features For use with tape up to 1 1/2”. Use to connect fence charger to tape or as an end clamp. May be used to fasten 1/2” tape to a gate handle.


  • Wood Corner Post Bracket Kit 4Pack #451-4

    Dare Products, Inc. Wood Corner Post Bracket Kit 4Pack #451-4

    Wood Corner Post Bracket Kit 4Pack #451-4 Designed for high tensile fence Use for inside corners HD high carbon steel Engineering grade polymer insulator stronger than porcelain Convenient 4 pack Color: Black


  • Poly Wire HD 200 Meter #3174

    Dare Products, Inc. Poly Wire HD 200 Meter #3174

    Highlights: Color : White Material : Poly Wire Control Area : 656' (200 meters) Volts: 0 volt Power Source : Electric-Powered Includes 6 stainless steel conductors woven of UV resistant polyethylene with six strands of strong stainless steel wire 150 lbs average breaking strength

  • Sale -8% Half Inch Poly Tape 400 Meter #2346

    Dare Products, Inc. Half Inch Poly Tape 400 Meter #2346

    An electric fence can be a tricky thing. You want its components to be flexible so you can assemble your fence easily, but you also want it to be tough to withstand the rigors of being outside with your livestock. Dare Poly Tape Electric Fence Tape, with its easy implementation, makes that possible.


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